Enchanting Choreography

Dr.Smt.S.Divyasena has composed and presented several group dance productions, all over India and abroad, which have earned high acclaims. Divyanjali’s notable productions include


Divyanjali’s prominent performances abroad include Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival & ‘Nrithya Nataka Mala Tour’ in the USA, Navarathri Festival in Bangkok & Singapore and performances in UK, Australia and Sri Lanka.

Creative Endeavours

The dance school has actively hosted lecture demonstrations, workshops, and summer camps for its students. Dr. S. Divyasena compiled the Adavus of Bharatanatyam and released an audio CD titled “Nrithyaharam” to help aspiring students to practice on their own.


Divyanjali Dance School has conducted 62 Arangetrams so far with the 50th Arangetram done in the year 2015 and the 60th in the year 2019. Dr.Smt.S.Divyasena has also conducted an Arangetram abroad.